Your custom alarm script is executed every time a new BSV block is found. The scripting lanquage is a sub-set of Lua. Lua is a simple, yet powerfull language. You can read more about it here:

Lua documentation

Look at the examples tab to get you started. You can write your script in the script tab. Then save it and test it to make sure it runs without errors. The output tab is for testing the output of the script. Once you save your script, it will run every time a new block is found and the only output available is via the email function. Make sure to look into your email spam folder to allow emails sent from We will be adding more functions related to transactions in the latest block. For example, the possibiity to send an email alarm if a specific address in present in the transactions. Email us at if you have suggestions for other info from the latest block you would like to have available.

Some functions related to the latest BSV block were added to Lua. They are:


    Returns the hash of the latest block.


    Returns the height of the latest block.


    Returns a link to the latest block on


    Returns the size in bytes of the latest block.


    Returns the timestamp of the latest block.


    Returns the number of confirmations of the latest block.


    Returns the difficulty of the atest block.


    Send an email to your account email address.


    Returns the number of transactions in the latest block.


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